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A little help...

American born and bred (not necessarily proud of it) fan fiction author here. No, I don’t do Harry Potter fics (love the books/movies though) but Doctor Who. I do have a small (and I mean SMALL) grasp on britspeak but not nearly enough to feel comfortable with the dialogue in my fics.

I have two questions:
1) What would be the appropriate term/saying etc for screw off/screw him/screw you/etc?
2) Is there anyone here that would be willing to look at any of my questions on a one-to-one basis? I’m afraid I’d get a little annoying if I posted here every time I was unsure of something. :)

Thanks in advance!
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1. Sod off.
2. But I'm American, so I probably wouldn't be much good at one-one consultation. My sphere of knowledge is limited.
Thanks! I kind of thought it was something like that but couldn't be sure.
Hey, I'm Scottish, wandered into this community and thought I would lend a hand if I could.
Sod off is a good suggestion.
Piss off is also a commonly used phrase which I think covers for Screw you. I've never heard anyone say Screw off.
Hope I helped some.